Transaction/Credit Card Fraud
Accept payments with confidence, reduce chargebacks, and catch payment fraud instantly as it happens
Stop transaction/payment fraud in its tracks
Reduce risk in your revenue growth
Initial set up finishes in just a few hours
Behind the scenes, our AI engine develops a custom deep learning model for you that prevents transaction fraud and catches fraudsters in real-time. Set up is super simple and doesn't require any engineering and cumbersome data preparation.
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Block Fraudsters and Stop Losses
Avoid chargebacks, and prevent fraudsters from using stolen credit cards
Score Each Transaction
Our AI engine develops a custom deep learning model that scores all your transactions in real-time. Use our simplified APIs to block transactions with a high fraud risk score
Rich Console + Analytics
Our user-friendly console provides identified spurious transactions and configures workflows in such a way that your fraud teams can easily triage alerts. You will get detailed reports on how fraud could be impacting your business
Data Augmentation
We build a custom deep learning model that augments your data with synthetic data and other third party signals to generate accurate results
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