Cloud Spend Alerts
Deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models to monitor your cloud spend, spot anomalies, spot runaway incidents, mitigate cost incidents, and get alerts so they can be remedied as quickly as possible
A solution customized to your unique usage pattern
Set up takes only a few minutes
Save up to 30% on your AWS bill
Use deep learning to find anomalies in your cloud usage and get alerts on them to mitigate cost incidents.
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  • Alerts Dashboard 
Detect Runaway AWS Spend Incidents in Real-Time
Monitor CloudWatch metrics and detect runaway spend incidents in real-time
Save Up to 30% on Your AWS Bill
The primary reasons for a high AWS bill are runaway processes and unattended instances. Our system prevents these and keeps your AWS bill from snowballing out of control
Active Learning
A custom deep learning model is created specifically for your data. This model continuously learns from your feedback and disambiguates between planned workloads and runaway spend incidents
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