Predictive Maintenance
Leverage deep learning models to proactively assess the health of your assets and perform timely maintenance to reduce downtime and save costs
Reduce downtime by identifying equipment with high risk of failure
Save operational costs by avoiding unnecessary maintenance
Increase asset life by performing timely maintenance
With you can set up state of the art deep learning models for predictive maintenance within hours. These models learn from your past failures as well as spot anomalies that can lead to new failures. No cumbersome data preparation or engineering effort to deploy the models in production is required.
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Automated Pipelines and Re-training
Don't waste time in dealing with data hassles. We will automatically create your data pipeline and retrain your models. Import data directly from your favourite data warehouse or your favorite spreadsheet with just a click or an API call
State-of-the-art Predictive Model in minutes
Simply upload the machine logs and telemetry that you currently have. Our AI engine does the rest to get you intelligent insight into machines that need maintenance
Easy Deployment and Monitoring
With you can easily deploy models into production with a click of a button or an API call. The model monitoring dashboard helps you track and prevent model drift
Predict the Known and the Unknown
Our model predicts known failures before they occur based on historical failure data and predict unknown failures before they occur by spotting anomalies
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