Personalized Promotions
Send personalized promotions to your customers and increase engagement. Personalize promotions based on catalog items, marketing messages, delivery channels, and discount terms
Increase engagement with personalized and timely promotions
Customize models according to your unique requirement
No data hassles to deal with
Deploy a real-time deep learning model that targets relevant promotions to customers and increases engagement. No cumbersome data preparation required and setup is super easy.
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Grow Revenue with Targeted Promotions
Target users with personalized promotions and dynamic pricing
Optimize Message, Price and Time
Deliver the right message at the right time with the right price on a per-user basis
Simple Setup
Simply point us to your user logs or use a basic API to send us user-event actions. We will take care of the data processing and model creation along with daily predictions on users who are most likely to churn-out
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