Personalized Search
Re-rank search results or list of items based on a user preferences. Maximize user engagement and revenue
Personalize search results and recommendation lists
Maximize multiple objectives such as total revenue, engagement, and diversity
Completely autonomous - no data hassles or re-training headaches
Our unique blend of reinforcement learning and deep learning-based technology works even when you have little historical data and have to deal with a fast-changing catalog or multiple new users.
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Re-Rank Lists Or Search Results
Re-rank based on user preference. Increase user engagement, session length, and revenue
Discover Viral Items
Our state-of-the-art algorithm will re-rank results based on both popularity and user preferences. This ensures that the popular items surface quickly and potentially go viral
Completely Autonomous
Our recommender AI is completely autonomous. You don't have to write code to schedule re-training or data refreshes
Maximize Revenue
Our online learning models optimize across multiple objectives. You can maximize long term engagement and revenue at the same time
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