Personalized Recommendations
Increase user engagement and revenue with personalized recommendations on your app/website
Real-time Deep Learning generated accurate recommendations
Maximize multiple objectives such as total revenue, engagement, and diversity
Completely autonomous - no data hassles or re-training headaches
Our unique blend of reinforcement learning and deep learning-based technology works even when you have little historical data and have to deal with a fast-changing catalog or multiple new users.
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Handles new users
Unlike other recommender AI systems, we use a combination of explore and exploit models and deep supervised learning to create the most effective recommendations, even when you have a large percentage of visitors and new users
Online learning
Our explore and exploit models learn and adjust in real-time. This means we can deal with fast-changing content and evolving intent
Maximize revenue
Our online learning models can optimize across multiple objectives. You can maximize long term engagement and revenue at the same time
Automated re-training and data pipelines
Our recommender AI is completely autonomous. You don't have to write code to schedule re-training or data refreshes
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