Hybrid Models
Combine your tabular data with images to extract powerful insights
Improve model performance by overlaying structured data with vision
Pretrained embeddings to incorporate visual inputs
Combines with NLP to extract and use textual data from images
With Abacus.AI you can set up state of the art deep learning models that combines text, vision and tabular data within hours. Based on your specific domain and use-case, Abacus.AI can fine-tune pre-trained models, apply transfer learning or simply train new vision models from scratch. No cumbersome data preparation or engineering effort to deploy the models in production are required.
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Simple Setup
Simply upload your images, use our in-built labelling tool to annotate them and train your models with the click of a button. No need to spend time on building models or tuning the hyperparameters. Abacus.AI automatically figures out the ideal hyperparameters that generate the best model
Pertained Embeddings
Abacus.AI lets you pick a pre-trained embedding to bring insights gained from large corpus of images to your data or you could choose to train a vision embedding catered to your domain.
Improved Accuracy
Combining structured data with images improves the accuracy of your predictive or forecasting models
Rich Console + Analytics
Our rich and user-friendly console provides an easy interface for you to tweak your data, build models, evaluate them and view predictions
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